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How Much Does a Crawl Space to Basement Conversion Cost?

Updated: Apr 2

In this blog I’d like to address a few common questions when it comes to crawl space conversions. My name is Rico, or Ricardo, and I work as Marketing Director for Gold’s Concrete.

The questions we’ll address in this blog are: 

  • What is a crawl space to basement conversion? 

  • How long does a crawl space conversion take? 

  • How much does a crawl space conversion cost?  

  • Is a crawl space conversion worth the investment? 

What is a crawl space to basement conversion? 

A crawlspace to basement conversion is a process of digging out the crawlspace area beneath the home and converting it to a full basement. This is done by digging first outside of the home and cutting an access point into the crawlspace area. Conveyer belts are used to assist in hand digging certain areas of the floor down to accommodate for the desired ceiling height. Temporary support beams will go up and sections of dirt will remain beneath the existing foundation while other sections are dug down further in order to pour a new, deeper foundation. This process of underpinning is done in stages in order to provide adequate support to the existing structure as dirt is being removed from beneath it. When all of the excess dirt has been removed and the floor is down to the desired height, the remaining sections of the new foundation and a new concrete floor will be poured. The basement is now in place and ready for remodel. 

How long does a crawl space conversion take? 

Because the crawlspace area is typically cramped and difficult to access, the conversion process can be meticulous. For example, in a 20’ X 20’ enclosed area there may only be enough space for two men and a wheelbarrow to work efficiently. Those two men may be at work removing dirt from that area for three weeks before the project can move on to the next phase. Obstacles such as a tight squeeze between the home and the neighboring property typically don’t allow for full access of heavy equipment and hence we rely heavily on manpower and old fashioned techniques. Invariables such as a giant boulder or an old foundation unearthed from beneath the soil are common and can also cause delays. Gold’s Concrete is typically on a basement dig out for three to four months. That means anywhere from two to six guys on site working at any given time during a normal work day.  

How much does a crawl space conversion cost? 

Gold’s Concrete works together with local engineers and contractors to ensure the project is executed safely and according to plan. They bring the proper equipment, experience and expertise to your doorstep, so the worry and hassle of the entire project off your hands. This crawlspace to basement conversion can be done for around $310/sq ft. So, for example, if you have a 30’ X 30’ area, that’s 900 sq ft, multiplied by 310, that’s $279,000. That’s a very rough ball park average and several factors will effect that cost, such as accessibility, volume of dirt being removed, structural detail, design, and more. Depending on these variables the cost may go up from $310/sq ft indefinitely, but would not likely go down much from that point. 

Is a crawl space conversion worth the investment? 

The process of converting your crawl space into a basement will immediately increase the value of your property, especially if it’s finished with high-end features and amenities. This can be a great investment whether you’re looking to sell your property at a higher price in the near future or to make the most of your property in the long run. A deeper analysis can and should be done on the value of your specific property vs a similar property in the same area, but with the added square footage of the home. Run the numbers and you may be pleasantly surprised at the opportunity. 

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