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It's the end of April and beginning to get warm outside. I climb down through the hole in the wall and into the cool basement. At first it seems dark, but a string of lights shine strong on certain areas where guys are working. Other areas remain tucked away in the shadows. It's almost cinematic. In this blog we're going to present:

Applications for Adding Basements to Existing Buildings

  • Additional living space​

  • Changing needs​

  • Long term investment​

Assessing the Feasibility of Adding a Basement to an Existing Building

  • Assessing the building structure​

  • Assessing the building site​

  • Complying with codes and standards​

Designing a Basement for an Existing Building

  • The Building Architect​

  • The Structural Engineer​

  • The Design Plans​

Excavating for Basement Construction

  • Determining the access point​

  • Old fashioned digging​

  • Options for raising/moving existing structure​

  • Utilities or other obstacles​

  • Safety concerns

Basement Construction (RG. Seals)

  • Basement walls​

  • Basement floors​

  • Vapor barrier and thermal barriers​

Integrating the Basement with the Existing Structure (RG. Seals)

  • Underpinning / Shoring​

  • Stairs and other methods of egress​

  • HVAC, plumbing systems and electrical systems

You can see the tiny particles of dust floating in the air within the rays of light, and you can hear the clanking metal of shovels from somewhere... I climb up a ladder and change the data cards and batteries on our time lapse cameras. I take this opportunity to do a little bit of filming as the guys are working. I capture some wide angles and some close-ups, explain or vlog about what we're working on at that particular phase and move on.

All of the information gathered to produce this content comes from the job itself, the structural design plans, the supervisors on site, our project manager and, of course, Gold, the company owner. Working as somewhat of a journalist in this role, I watch and I chime in on conversations, meetings and phone calls to gather the information I need throughout the week. Sometimes it comes in clips and phrases and requires more time in post production, splicing all of the recordings and tidbits of information together. For example, I might catch the tail end of a conversation, or ask one of the supervisors to explain something on camera. But many parts still have to be filled in. I don't have the budget to hire an actor with a great voice to come and fill these pieces in, but it has to be done in order to complete the documentary series. So I put the camera on a tripod and step in front or explain from behind as I'm filming on site, and give it my best shot to narrate the story.

Sometimes things are just comical and/or may lean dramatic, and it's more about capturing the spirit of the story than any kind of technical detail. Have you ever seen a crew of concrete workers finishing one thousand square feet of flatwork, when out of the clear blue sky a downpour rolls in? It's stressful just watching how the crew starts to move. They're nervous, working faster now and hollering back and forth over their shoulders as they look half up at the sky and half down at their work. Here I'm at liberty to talk about our problems on the job, setbacks and obstacles, because this is a part of the work that each one of us here at Gold's Concrete has to deal with on a day to day.

At the end of the day I film and produce content to promote the company, create brand awareness and generate leads. I show up at the job sites throughout the day, put on my work boots and get down in the dirt to film. There is usually dirt on my camera, and maybe some mud splattered on the lens. The guys in the field work long, grueling hours with shovels and pick axes in a dark, dingy basement. Gold works late on estimates, meets with other businesses and coordinates projects with his Operations Manager. No one in this humble company has the luxury of sitting back with a fat salary and little responsibility.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is, this is a blog for those of us that have to get up and go to work every day.

That being said, Gold's Concrete will now present to you: Everything There is to Know About a Crawlspace Conversion. This is a full webinar wherein two seasoned and certified professionals from this specific industry will discuss each of the topics above in depth. The webinar is open to live questions, and we've got answers! You can register and attend the event by clicking on this link.

We received this really simple and, I don't want to say cheap, so we'll just say affordable microphone in the mail and did a quick sound test on it in the video below. What do you think? If you think it's a good deal and sounds okay, you can purchase it at the best price by clicking here. It went up $5 since I bought it.

See the full corresponding video to this blog below.

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Apr 29

its Almost end of the Month and i love watching your Videos , hoping you can make more Videos😁


Apr 29

I love your Job

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