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Updated: Apr 24

I drop in on job sites to see how things are going and, if I'm lucky, capture some interesting footage. One job in particular is of special interest today because we've been having some issues there. It's an addition to the back of an existing building. We've excavated the area and are pouring a new foundation. The problem is, the initial footers were poured in the wrong place.

In today's blog we're simply going to follow the story as Gold's Concrete meets with the General Contractors and later meets with the sub contractors to smooth out some problems.

Gold did not back charge the sub-contractors for the mistake of pouring the footers in the wrong place. He loaned them heavy equipment to finish the job when their equipment started failing. But even still, they were consistently showing up late or not showing up at all to complete the job. "We're on a time schedule, I mean I've got the GC out here and everything," Tom says to the subcontractor over the phone. "I've got someone else because I've gotta get this job done."

"This job has been, so far, one problem after another," Gold says as he stares at the jobsite. The entire back side of this house is opened up to the outside and covered only with plastic. "We already poured a footing. The footing was in the wrong spot, so we pulled the footing out because somebody f***ed up. Ultimately it was my fault for not coming out and checking on things. So the buck stops here. But I don't cry over spilled milk, so we keep pushing and we pulled the old footer out and poured a new footer.

"Now our new problem of the day is that our new sub, who we were supposed to meet with here, has not showed up for the third time. So our next step is to get a good sub out here or get our guys out here, but in the mean time what the GC sees is a bunch of f*** ups. And I don't blame him, I'd be upset myself. It's something we're gonna fix and move forward and make the GC happy at the end of the job. At the end of the day that's what they remember, that we took care of the job and we made things right and they'll call us back on the next job."

I hang out awhile and tune into the story. The new sub-contractor shows up and Tom and Gold walk him through the project. We'll continue to drop in on this job and see how things go! It's mid morning now and I've got to work on a presentation back at the office.

It's actually a webinar with Half Moon Education, where we're going to discuss everything there is to know about a crawlspace conversion. It's loaded with so much valuable information that they made a college course out of it!

So we'll meet on Wednesday, May 15, 2024. Click here to register. I'll open up the presentation and cover some basics, but the majority of technical information will be covered by Tom, our Operations Manager, and Gold, the Company Owner.

We need to buy a microphone for the webinar, so I'm going to try this one off Amazon because it's cheap and simple. We'll see how it works and give it a review after we've tried it out.

Thanks for reading. Drop us a comment and say hello! See the full corresponding video to this blog below, where we dive a little deeper into the story.

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