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Last night the hail came down so hard that it sounded like rocks crashing into the roof of the house. I wasn't surprised when I woke up this morning and walked outside to a broken windshield on my car. It was also kind of ironic that the day after we had posted our last blog, RECOVERING FROM A MAJOR LOSS, Gold's personal vehicle was stolen. At the moment he's getting by with one of the company vehicles...and attending to business as usual. Today we're going to drop in on a new remodel job to bid on a basement dig-out. We're going to look at measurements, pictures, and feasibility. On the way to that meeting we'll drop in on the current crawl space conversion that is slowly coming to a close as we wrap up with some of the finishing steps.

We pull up to the basement job in South Denver and the guys are preparing to install window wells. Louis is carving out the dirt and measuring out the area where he's about to lay cinder block. Fabian is bringing the blocks over and stacking them up there by the window opening. Christian is doing the same thing as Louis on the the other side of the house, down in a window well placing brick and mortar. JC is measuring and cutting the bricks and mixing mortar.

We'll go on a quick walk through as the guys are installing the window wells and explain what we've done here so far. The main area of this basement was already here and simply needed to be dug down to accommodate a higher ceiling, and that's where we began. We busted out the concrete floor of the basement and dug down about 3 feet. We sectioned out and excavated areas to begin installing new footers, then excavated and installed the adjacent footers. Once this main area was underpinned, we cut through the concrete foundation and began digging back into the crawl space. We followed the same steps of underpinning all of the areas until the entire basement floor was lowered to the desired height, and now the only thing remaining within our scope of work is to pour and finish the floors. It is very exciting to see this job finally come to a close, especially as I am on my way to look at a new job.

This house is also in south Denver, inside of a gated community with golf courses and lakes and a country club. The house is enormous and is currently under remodel construction. The owner explains to me that while he's doing the work, he would like to go ahead and extend this area of the basement. It is 9' X 7 1/2' section of encased dirt just beneath the garage. From the garage we walk down into the basement and take a look at the area from beneath. I double check the measurements, take pictures and jot down some notes. We walk back upstairs and Mr. Amir, the gentleman who is requesting this bid, explains to me some concerns about having to pay for engineer plans on top of the dig-out and getting overwhelmed with overhead.

I explain to Mr. Amir that we can take that hassle off of his hands and manage the engineering as well. He appears pleased with this option and says, "if you can do the dig-out as well as the engineer plans all for within $20,000, I'd be ready to move forward."

I double checked all of the measurements and took all of the pictures to bring back to Gold at the office. We sat down and discussed the proposed project, access points, depth, structural issues, and other detail. Virtually we walked downstairs, upstairs, in, out, and all around. I relayed the information that Mr. Amir had imparted with me about his budget for the project and let Gold figure the rest. We will try and get our hands on the formalized quote so that we can discuss this in further detail in an upcoming blog. We'll also document the outcome of our bid proposal and, if we're lucky, this is only the beginning of a story that is yet to unfold.

In today's blog we review the Canon EOS 90D, which is a huge upgrade from our previous camera. This is what you've been seeing all of the beautiful video footage and photography taken with on Gold's Concrete social media lately. All of the clips on this blog are from this camera. Here's a short list of things I love about it:

  • Amazing image quality

  • Professional level features

  • Interchangeable lens

  • Feels solid and heavy duty in the hands

  • Canon is a known industry leader

See the full corresponding video to this blog below.

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