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Behind the Scenes of a Basement Dig Out

It’s no secret that Gold’s Concrete has a sense of humor when it comes to doing basement dig outs and contractual work in general. With the ongoing obstacles and setbacks in the day to day work flow, the truth is that Gold’s Concrete would probably not exist today if the company didn’t have a sense of humor.

The work is heavy, the labor is intense and the days are long and grueling. Sometimes we take a step back to laugh at the irony of a difficult situation or, as in the middle of this video, to do an all out screen play 😂🤣🤣

“What the hell is that guy doing over there??” Someone on the jobsite asks, “Are they goofing off on the job??!!”

“That’s just Gold,” Someone else responds

“Oh,” Everyone nods, laughs and goes back to their work. No further explanation is needed. Gold’s Concrete is on the job 💯😊👌

In previous comments a viewer asked how much one of our jobs costs. I address this question because not only is it important, it’s probably at the pinnacle of every man’s concerns when he’s thinking about undertaking a major remodel.

There are a lot of factors we consider in calculating the cost of a crawlspace conversion such as accessibility, how far the floor will be lowered and how much dirt will need to be removed, structural issues or obstacles, etc. A ballpark figure of $310/sq ft might give a general idea to begin working with, however that number is based on local costs and could change drastically depending on the time, location and requirements of the job.

We touch on this topic briefly in the following video.

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