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We are Denver's premiere structural and architectural concrete specialists.

  • Foundations

  • Underpinning

  • Basement Digouts

  • Crawlspace to Basement Conversions

  • Structural

  • Architectural

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Our Story

Gold's Concrete started as a small mom and pop concrete and landscaping company in Commerce City, Colorado in 2001. They established a local credibility among home owners and gradually joined with other reputable builders in the Denver area to provide a specialized service in basement dig outs, underpinning and crawl space to basement conversions. This is a process that, if executed incorrectly, will collapse and destroy an entire house. With a team of experts including engineers, contractors, equipment operators and skilled laborers, these kinds of projects are executed successfully with a precision and professionalism that is recognized industry wide, and has earned Gold's Concrete a position as leading authority in basement dig outs. A wealth of information is shared freely on their YouTube channel where they engage with the online community, answer questions and explain processes in further detail. This is clearly not your average concrete company! So let's go back a little ways and take a look at the complex inner heirarchy of Gold's Concrete in this footage that was recorded wayyyy back on one of their first basement jobs ever...


Heirarchy of Concrete Demo
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All Videos
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Hand Digging TINY & CRAMPED Basement to HUGE Basement - Time-lapse
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Digging out a MANSION Basement in Denver From Start to Finish - Time-lapse
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Hand Digging a Small Basement into a Larger Basement - Digout
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2200 E 104th Ave, Thornton, CO 80233, USA

303 - 451 - 6951

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